Solvent Green appoints SWOOD as a reseller of Postmaster 2000

8th October, 2002.

SWOOD and Solvent Green are pleased to announce that Postmaster 2000 has been added to the suite of products that SWOOD distributes to Masterpiece/Net clients. Postmaster 2000 is the ultimate tool for generating Masterpiece/Net external feeds directly from Excel - Journals, Budgets, Vendors, Assets etc.

Stephen Wood says: 

"Since the mid 1990's Postmaster has matured into a true value added product for Masterpiece/Net. With the introduction of this latest version - Postmaster 2000 - it now provides data conversions for all Masterpiece/Net external feed programs. Postmaster 2000 is a complete end-to-end solution for getting your information into Masterpiece. SWOOD is committed to distributing and supporting Postmaster 2000."

Michael Green says: 

"Solvent Green is pleased to add SWOOD to the list of distributors for our flagship product Postmaster 2000. SWOOD is one of two top independent consulting organisations servicing Asia Pacific Masterpiece/Net customers - both of whom now recommend Postmaster 2000. After the success of Postmaster 2000 in the Australian market we are currently actively seeking new international partners to distribute Postmaster 2000. Solvent Green welcomes SWOOD to the Solvent Green distribution network."

Corporate Backgrounders : 

SWOOD financial solutions is a fully Australian owned and operated software consulting organisation dedicated to supporting financial systems and providing business solutions. Since 1996 SWOOD has supported the Masterpiece/Net suite of financials. SWOOD has developed e-crow® for reconciling corporate credit cards and distributes the idu-Software suite of products and PlanetPress for all of your electronic forms needs. Visit the SWOOD website at 

Solvent Green Software is the developer of Postmaster 2000 specialising in Visual Basic based software development for Masterpiece and other products. Visit SGS at


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