NT Government purchases Postmaster 2000 for Masterpiece/Net

30th September 2002.

The Australian Northern Territory Government has just purchased Postmaster 2000. The NT Government uses Masterpiece/Net across the whole of government. Financial services and support for all government departments are centralised in the Department of Corporate and Information Services (DCIS) and it is this department which has initially purchased Postmaster 2000.

Postmaster 2000 is the ultimate tool for producing Masterpiece/Net external feeds directly from Microsoft Excel.

It has already been adopted by many Masterpiece clients world-wide including :

- USA service provider ACS (www.acs-inc.com)

- Many South Australian government departments (collectively one of the largest Masterpiece sites in the world).

The NT Government conducted an extensive evaluation of the product and conducted thorough testing of the Fixed Assets feeds as these are the first set of feeds they intend using.

Vernon Lowe, Client Support Officer says

"Postmaster 2000 has given us the flexibility to perform uploads as the situation arises. This was especially critical with the introduction of Accrual Accounting in 2002/2003, where asset data needed to be standardised and re/loaded to Masterpiece. Job Cost Projects were also loaded within the small window of opportunity that was allocated during the cutover between financial years. PM2000 is an easy tool to use which has introduced efficiencies in the way data is loaded and because all MP external feeds are catered for, non-technical staff are able to perform ad hoc uploads which allows our technical staff to get on with the more important task of database management."

Mark Chin, Manager Government Accounting System says

"Postmaster 2000 allows our Client Support Officers the ability to upload data directly to Masterpiece, which was previously a task only our technical programmers could perform"

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Please note: Postmaster 2000 is distributed by Walldorf Technology Group (sister company to Myers Holum International) in Asia Pacific only. All other customers should contact Solvent Green directly.

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Corporate Backgrounders :

Solvent Green Software is the developer of Postmaster 2000. Established by a former Walldorf consultant SGS specialises in Visual Basic based software development for Masterpiece and other products. Visit SGS at http://www.solventgreen.com

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