Walldorf Technology Group Sells Postmaster2000 to Solvent Green Software

13th September, 2002.

Walldorf Technology Group (Asia Pacific) is pleased to announce the sale of our Postmaster 2000 product to Solvent Green Software(SGS) (www.solventgreen.com).

Postmaster 2000 was developed by Michael Green - one of our longest serving consultants and the owner of Solvent Green Software.

Due to Michael ceasing permanent employment with Walldorf and our desire to ensure the best support for the product, Walldorf Technology Group (Asia Pacific) has sold Postmaster 2000 to Solvent Green Software. SGS will continue to provide exactly the same high level of support of Postmaster 2000 as you have been enjoying since its release earlier this year.

Walldorf Technology Group (Asia Pacific) will continue to actively sell and support Postmaster 2000 in the Asia Pacific region. Furthermore Solvent Green plans to significantly enhance the product and expand its marketing.

Michael Green of SGS says:

"I have such confidence in the Postmaster 2000 product that upon my departure from Walldorf I was willing to purchase the product. The overwhelming response from customers who have purchased the product this year has made me quite proud of the design and quality of the new Postmaster 2000."

David Harding of Walldorf Asia Pacific says :

"Many of Walldorf's customers have invested in the Postmaster 2000 product. With Michael leaving the company our major concern was to ensure our customers were provided with a high level of support for the product on an ongoing basis. The sale of Postmaster 2000 to Solvent Green Software and a contractual arrangement for support of the product was the most effective way we could ensure that continuing support. Walldorf will continue to endorse and sell Postmaster 2000 in the Asia Pacific region. Solvent Green Software will continue to promote and market the product in other regions as well as Asia Pacific thus ensuring a continuing high level of support for all Postmaster 2000 users.

All Walldorf customers should continue to seek support through Walldorf in the normal manner. We look forward to a successful partnership with Solvent Green Software for a long way to come. Michael will also be working with Walldorf on a contract basis as and when the opportunities arrive. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on the numbers below.


David Harding
Managing Director - Asia Pacific

Corporate Backgrounders :

Walldorf Technology Group (Asia Pacific) is the Australian based local subsidiary of Walldorf Technology Group (US). With offices in Sydney, Adelaide and Hong Kong it services the needs of Interbiz Masterpiece/Net customers in the Asia Pacific region. Visit WTG at http://www.walldorftech.com.au/

Solvent Green Software is the developer of Postmaster 2000. Established by a former Walldorf consultant SGS specialises in Visual Basic based software development for Masterpiece and other products. Visit SGS at http://www.solventgreen.com

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