Department of Human Services upgrades to ChartGen 2003

8th March 2004.

Solvent Green is pleased to announce that the South Australian Department of Human Services (DHS) has upgraded from ChartGen 2000 to ChartGen 2003.

ChartGen 2000 was Myers Holum's tool for building your Chart of Accounts and maintaining it in the Masterpiece/Net General Ledger Account Processing Tables (APTs). Myers Holum Australia no longer operates.

ChartGen 2000 (formerly Visual ChartGen) was originally developed by Solvent Green's chief developer in 1996 and sold to Myers Holum. Solvent Green's ChartGen 2003 is a revolutionary improvement on ChartGen 2000. Utilising the same technologies as Solvent Green's widely used Postmaster 2000 product for Masterpiece external feeds ChartGen 2003 now runs as part of Microsoft Excel !.

This allows for a large number of new features that directly drive Excel and make building and maintaining your APTs faster and easier.

Eric Balogh, Financial System Administrator, System Administration, DHS :

"It is easier to maintain the ChartGen worksheet tables compared to ChartGen 2000 as it now is in an add in to Excel just like Postmaster 2000.

There is no longer any need to toggle between ChartGen 2000 and Excel to update the database and test any maintenance to the worksheets, the complete toolbar to do all the required functions/tasks is there at your finger tips."

George Grzeskowiak, Chief Financial Systems Officer, DHS :

"The integration of ChartGen 2003 with Microsoft Excel is a significant improvement over the previous version.

The ability to generate a Cross Tab Table of the BRT Sheet is a feature that has proven invaluable to the creation and maintenance of lookup tables used in various reporting and analysis databases."

ChartGen 2003 features include :

  • Separate Excel toolbars for each of the ChartGen worksheets offering a huge number of new features
  • Runs within Excel 2000 enabling it to fully integrate with Excel and Office - as per Postmaster 2000
  • Huge number of new features for editing the ChartGen worksheets
  • Your ChartGen APT data is now loaded into Microsoft Access. This allows for intelligent worksheets and toolbars. This allows for such time saving new features as :
    • Easily insert new values into the BRT using an easy to use form
    • Easily build new account break-outs by putting blocks together
    • Easily define account validation rules by seeing what values are valid in each BVT code
    • The Account Builder - easily pick values of each block to test whether an account is valid - no more trying to remember what value means what
    • Test which AIT entry matches a particular account number
    • Automatic software updating via the internet to ensure you have all the latest features
    • Load your Account Processing Tables (APTs) directly into Masterpiece/Net from ChartGen 2000 using ODBC !!

A 5 day evaluation is available by downloading the program from the web. On-site demonstrations and a 30 day evaluation are available on request.

Corporate Backgrounders :

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