ChartGen 2003 - Support

All technical support issues should be submitted from the ChartGen 2003 Technical Support feature (On the help menu - Email Technical Support). You should ensure you are on the latest version prior to logging a support call.

Please attach any spreadsheets and data files relevant to the issue.

Updating your software

To update your ChartGen 2003 software to the latest release you should run the 'Check For Software Upgrades' feature from the help menu. You must have a connection to the internet when you do this. Please contact your technical support if you cannot connect to our FTP site.

Software downloads and updates are made available usually Friday morning US time each week. Update numbers correspond to the week of the year.

ChartGen 2003 Version 1

Full Install
To download the full installation please click on the following link:
ChartGen 2003 - Full Install (32Mb)

Update To download the latest update please click the following link:
ChartGen 2003 - Update (8Mb)

N.B. If you have downloaded either of these two files before you should clear your Internet Explorer cache to ensure you don't get an old version of the file (in IE6 use Tools/Internet Options/Delete Files).


Contacting technical support

For instant technical support:
- use AOL Instant Messenger to contact screen name 'WTGMGreen', OR
- use ICQ to contact 45023937
- use MSN Messenger to contact 'No longer supported'

This is how we provide instant support to many of our world-wide customers. Download AOL instant Messenger.  ICQ can be downloaded from MSN Messenger is from Microsoft.

For normal technical support (within 8 hours), please email us on :

You should use the 'Technical Support Email' facility built into the ChartGen 2003 help menu.

For urgent technical support (if Instant Messenger is unavailable) please call us on :

+ 61 (2) 9412 4212

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